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In the current university independence enrollment,Propaganda projects include exam numbers,Name,7 projects including gender,The most important academic achievement written test,Interview assessment, and many more。

During the 2014 college entrance examination art professional “school exam“,Xinhua News Agency reporter accepted some parents' feedback,Some enrollment institutions sell the "inclusive indicators" of art tests around the world.List involves dozens of college art majors; some candidates that have been paid,You can get the exam questions in advance. National Committee member of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference,Huang Dewn, secretary of the party committee of Anhui University, said: The relevant departments must clean up.Gradually cancel the college entrance examination.The representative of the two sessions said frankly.The college entrance examination enrollment department "Cai Director",Just like "Slag Cum" college entrance examination reform encounters resistance

Art exam must be tested

Ge Jianxiong Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference National Committee Member, Say,Administrative power interferes with registration process,The administrative leaders of some universities have not fulfilled their reform responsibilities.at the same time, It is necessary to give universities "veto",Advancing it in the college entrance examination,The reward project without gold has previously been rejected."Zhang Yao's theory, National Committee member of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference,Central South University President.

"Solved the trust crisis of independent enrollment,Universities and High Schools need to work together.The combination of the two enables autonomous registration to be carried out in the sun."

Zhou Hong YU National People's Congress representative, I believe that although there are some problems in independent registration.But the direction of reform is correct,Don't give up your diet because of suffocation.继续。第二天考试中有一个大问题。这确实是电影的电影分析。更多地重视调查学生的知识和文学和艺术知识,除了基本的逻辑和学习技能之外,这使得农村学生缺乏教育资源难以脱颖而出。

由于它通常与高等教育有关,“三个好学生”,省级优秀学生干部等标题已得到强烈的功利色彩。与此资源的定位可以具有此资源。华东大学,考试前一天, 培训课程测试电影的电影评论,并给出积分。您还可以邀请父母,公众和专家组成第三方监督机构,加强外部监督。有些部门没有严格的监督,即使是为了该部门的利益,举办各种比赛来收钱,形成腐败的产业链。因为大学的自主注册,学生已经反映在学术水平测试和综合评估中。为了实际好处,我经常出现“少数”, “寻求关系”, 和“添加配额”。注册单位也将考虑。“主观灵活性”主要用于专业课程。反正,学院入学考试是进入高水平普通儿童的唯一途径。尽量避免艺术考试中的人类不公平因素。朱青石南方科技大学校长据说要实现公平的自我登记,我希望它会导致评估系统的变化。

“现在, 我们国家的一些知名大学正在招募学生。然而, 独立入学在高等教育机构中被视为“教育资源”,为了寻求福利。中国大学, 人大,邓小县校长说:艺术考试是最严重的教育领域。徐亮合肥的父母, 说:“目前的独立注册,只有有一点背景的人可以写出推荐信。

加入大学入学考试中积分的初衷是鼓励孩子有特殊技能。只有系统得到改善,加强监督,为了确保艺术考试的相对公平。e.G, 参加主张和评估文件的艺术师,不要允许参与艺术考试培训课程。个性化发展。然而, 现实不像政策制定者希望。

中国人民政治协商会议国家委员会, 顾义西, 副校长, 广东外语大学, 说这据说大学入学考试的混沌情况。主管教育部门的预算必须仔细清理和标准化。


仅参加四川省的大学入学考试,只与体育专业。更奇怪,培训班的老师实际上可以将身份证放在胸部。去当场“指出”的检查室。 不久前,蔡荣生, 中国人民大学, 就业办公室主任, 目前正在调查涉嫌违反法律和纪律的行为。 为此,福建省最近取消了省“三个好学生”和省优秀学生干部的省。采取董事带走Sinica来解决信任危机。“复杂疾病”的大学入学考试。奥运会和技术竞争的奖励积分,Reward points of music and art specialties,Three good students, Excellent student leader's extra points.

autonomy,How to self-discipline?

Add points,To "jumping the team"?

The recognition of the reward points is mainly scattered in the civil affairs field. public security, Family plan, science and technology, Sports and other departments.Some education experts pointed out,Currently,The extra points aimed at reflecting multiple admission standards have been alienated into multi-sectoral interests. The college entrance examination bonus project has been criticized in recent years.In order to further improve the selection system,Formulate scientific enrollment methods,And announce public legal.,But not in publicity

Middle School should establish a comprehensive quality assessment and integrity supervision method for students as soon as possible.

Several art candidates in Fuyang, Anhui said thatThey have tasted "sweet" of "spending money wallet".Some experts pointed out,The art exam is very successful.First, University make money,The second reason is that students are mixed via,所以, Some universities do not meet admission and training standards,Simplified as "factory sales diploma",Since the confusion of various art exams."As long as you buy an examiner in advance,At the scene, I painted a stroke.Can pass the level smoothly,The outside line cannot be understood.The score of the art test paper,A jury consisting of a random lottery can be established.

黄德沃说,因为艺术考试的独特性,and so, 艺术考试缺乏统一的专业评估标准。分数老师更主观, 它会导致一些不公平的现象。

“得分不好,投机艺术测试“,现在, 许多学生在艺术考试中处于如此有利的位置。它强调有机会在艺术考试中突破和“投机”。

“大学入学酌情自由裁量权。租赁空间越大, 租赁空间越大,缺乏可靠的艺术定量标准,它已成为冷却的温度。



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