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9. What is the duration of each subject test and the score of the paper?

1. Why implement the new curriculum reform and college entrance examination plan?

Year 2003,The Ministry of Education promulgated the "General High School Curriculum Plan (Experiment)" and the curriculum standards (experiment) of various disciplines,Take this as a sign,All provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) across the country began to carry out new curriculum reform trials in batches in 2004.The test time for language subjects is 150 minutes,The full score is 150 points; the test time for math subjects and foreign language subjects is 120 minutes,The full score is 150 points (of which,The written test of foreign language subjects is 120 points, and the listening test is 30 points); the comprehensive liberal arts or science comprehensive test time is 150 minutes,The full score is 300 points.The third is to fully learn from the experience of other provinces.The test paper ordering system is based on the "General High School Curriculum Plan (Experiment)", "General High School Curriculum Standard (Experiment)" and "General Higher School Admissions National Examination Outline (Experimental Curriculum Standard Edition)" issued by the Ministry of Education.

Listening tests for foreign language subjects are conducted simultaneously with the college entrance examination.

The subject setting of the college entrance examination remains unchanged,It is still "3+x".

The first category is the national demonstration (backbone) higher vocational individual examination enrollment pilot."3" refers to language, mathematics and foreign languages,Among them, mathematics is divided into liberal arts mathematics and science mathematics; "x" refers to liberal arts synthesis or science synthesis,Liberal arts integration includes politics, history, geography,Comprehensive science includes physics, chemistry, and biology.

The scores of the arts and sports examinations are subject to the relevant documents of the Ministry of Education and the Provincial Admissions Committee of the year.During the foreign language test,Take the listening part test first,After that, test the written answer part.The third is to collect the general high school level test scores and comprehensive quality evaluation results as necessary information into the electronic files of college entrance examination candidates.As an important reference for college admissions.

The reform of the entrance examination system of ordinary colleges and universities has always been concerned by all walks of life.When formulating the "Plan" of our province,We are guided by the principle of "proactive, stable, and gradual",From the perspective of conducive to the selection and training of talents,Fully consider the reality of basic education in our province,Fully consider the recognition and endurance of students, parents and society,Fully consider the operability of the organization and implementation of the "Plan".The second is to conform to the basic laws of foreign language learning,Conducive to improving students' foreign language application and communication skills,Further broaden students' international horizons.National model (backbone) higher vocational colleges and some higher vocational colleges and some majors try to enroll students with separate examinations.Relevant matters are subject to the "Implementation Plan" announced by the pilot colleges and universities for separate examinations that year.The "General High School Curriculum Reform Subject Teaching Guidance Opinions" pointed out that培养学生的综合语言运用能力是外语教学的总目标,包括听、说、读、写四种技能.







根据《国家中长期教育改革和发展规划纲要(2010—2020年)》要求和招生考试制度改革进展,结合我省实际,今后还将对《方案》进行相应的调整。我省于2009年秋季开始全面实行高中课程改革,与此相配套,必须对高校考试招生制度进行相应的改革。按照教育部的部署,我省将逐步探索外语科目听力测试实行一年多次考试。考试内容和范围包括必考内容和选考内容,外语科目考试恢复了听力测试。三是实行新课改高考的省份都进行外语听力测试。 经省政府同意,报请教育部核准备案,《河北省实施普通高中新课程改革后普通高等学校招生考试方案》(以下称《方案》)已经印发,并将从2012年开始实施。五是按程序报批。





省教育考试院将在借鉴外省经验和教训基础上,制定详细的工作方案,统一下发听力测试设备配备参数最低标准,并制定应急预案,Ensure the smooth implementation of hearing testA leading group for the reform of the enrollment examination system was established,Developed a detailed work plan,Effectively strengthen the investigation and study of work leadership in all links and major issues.The second is to conduct extensive research activities.Invite different types of experts such as middle school principals, front-line teachers, university professors, people's congress representatives, and CPPCC members to demonstrate the draft of the "plan".Repeatedly modified many times,The draft was finalized after several changes.

4. What are the main changes between the new curriculum reform and the current college entrance examination plan?

8. What are the types of subjects set for the college entrance examination in the new curriculum reform according to the enrollment major?

2. What principles were adhered to when formulating the new curriculum reform plan for the college entrance examination?

The first is that the academic level test results of ordinary high school candidates and the comprehensive quality evaluation results of ordinary high school students in Hebei Province are recorded in the candidates' electronic files as necessary content.

The scope of the examination is the compulsory and elective content stipulated in the National Unified Examination Syllabus (Experimental Curriculum Standards) for General Colleges and Universities Admissions.The listening test adopts the test papers set by the Ministry of Education,Full score of 30 points,Record the total score in foreign language subjects.After the "Plan" is finalized and submitted to the Hebei Provincial People's Government for approval,Report to the Ministry of Education for approval.

7. How to set the new curriculum reform college entrance examination subjects?

Exam subjects for sports majors: exam subjects for literature and history majors or exam subjects for science and engineering majors,Add physical education (sports professional test).One is the change in the content and scope of the exam.

One is that the leadership attaches great importance to it.The second is that higher vocational colleges that recruit students in the pilot separate examinations can use academic proficiency examinations and comprehensive quality evaluations as basic qualification qualifications or admission criteria.

The test questions of the unified entrance examination for ordinary colleges and universities in our province are uniformly ordered by the examination center of the Ministry of Education.The total score of the four subjects is 750 points.

3. How was the new curriculum reform plan for the college entrance examination formulated and produced?

According to the enrollment major, it is divided into a combination of literature and history majors, science and engineering majors, art majors and sports majors.Under the same circumstances,Higher education institutions give priority to the admission of candidates with the highest academic level examinations and comprehensive quality evaluations.

The first is the need for the new curriculum reform of ordinary high schools.

10. Why do you want to resume listening tests in foreign language subjects?

The other is the pilot test of individual entrance examinations for some higher vocational colleges except the national demonstration and backbone higher vocational colleges.Conducted a serious and in-depth comparative study of the college entrance examination reform plans of the provinces that have undergone curriculum reform.Learned the experience and lessons of brother provinces and cities.The fourth is to conduct in-depth expert argumentation.

Exam subjects for art majors: exam subjects for literature and history majors or exam subjects for science and engineering majors,Add art subject (art professional test).Before the admission data is reported to the Ministry of Education for record,对考生高考成绩或普通高中学业水平考试等第和综合素质评价结果提出一定要求的基础上,自行或校校联合组织专业基本素质测试,进行单独考试招生录取。2008年,《教育部关于普通高中新课程省份深化高校招生考试改革的指导意见》(教学〔2008〕4号)中明确了改革的主要任务、主要内容和实施要求,逐步建立和完善在国家统一考试录取基础上的全面、综合、多元化的考试评价制度和高等学校多样化的选拔录取制度。《方案》在保持与原高考方案基本一致的同时,又结合新课程改革的实际进行了一定的改革和创新




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